Such unique articles are a combination of chic and coziness, tradition and modernity will surely bring a romantic mood into your home, remind you of the blissful life of your childhood and generate a feeling of wellbeing and serenity.

Pillows, bedspreads, tablecloths and Delyce sashes offer you a convenient way to create a fairy tale for yourself and your best friends. A feeling of magic emanates from a combination of family traditions and contemporary creative ideas.

The aesthetic fusion of the old and undeservedly forgotten and very new, and at times, exotic elements is, of course, a product of the XXI century. Today when everything is made of plastic, fast-use and throw-away odds and ends, we offer an alternative that helps you relax from all the hustle and bustle. Linen pillow cases with embroidery, bedspreads decorated with light-colored patterns bestow upon you a feeling of comfort and strong pillars of a family home.

The Delyce collection is permeated with village living traditions of different countries: English country lifestyle. Provance motifs… The feeling of quiet country life is a wonderful gift for a person who has tried everything and who possess everything.

These articles will fit in nicely with your home in the countryside and city apartment; they will decorate the children’s room and delight your elderly relatives.

A feeling of a summer spent on the ocean coast, the wonder of handicraft traditions, the premium quality of old handicraft traditions, the joy of a holiday mood and the magic mysteries will surely delight one and all.

The elegance of the sublime and the luxury of the unexpected – these are the hallmarks of the Delyce House filled with unusual ideas and articles that are bound to uplift your mood and enlighten your life.

Some of the articles perform a solo, others set forth a challenge by their originality, yet they harmoniously blend in with one another creating an atmosphere of bliss and coziness.