The history of the Delyce Company began in one of the most unusual and picturesque regions of France – Bretagne or Brittany Province.

It was here in 1890 that Englishman Christian ADDINGTON - an antique collector and traveler - met with a charming French lady Delyce MARCHAND.

Enchanted by the beauty of Delyce and uniqueness of Bretagne, Christian decides to link his destiny with them for good. And that is how a small family enterprise came into being – one which is successfully functioning to this day – one which blends French elegance with English style.

This is more than simply a small factory that produces masterpieces that can capture your heart with high class quality and exquisite workmanship: the main emphasis falls on original patterns and new, non-standard color schemes, but nonetheless, with the observance of old traditions.

The production volume is not large, for the articles are hand-made and distributed throughout the world.

Besides household textile articles, the workshop turns out singular items of interior decoration based on the unusual “shabby-chic-Bretagne” technique creating charming rarities that are passed on from one generation to another.

These unique items that have been made with particular care, taste and love can be found in the most elegant homes of France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and Japan.